How long does cocaine stay in your system?

It is known as a strong stimulant which is often used legally as an anesthetic for surgery for the eyes, ears and throat. It is also called coke, snow, blow, flake and others. It can be contaminated with other substances like sugar, talcum powder, cornstarch and others. It is often used in the connection with other drugs like the local anesthetic drug called procaine or the stimulant like the amphetamine. There are two kinds of cocaine that are usually abused:

  • The crystalline and powdered form is usually sniffed though the nose or dissolved in water and taken intravenously. It might be rubbed onto gums or taken by the mouth.
  • There is a freebase form called crack where its impurities are removed with the help of solvents. When it is smoked it produces a cracking sound for which it has acquired this common name.



When you intake small amount of the dug you will feel euphoric. You will be full of energy and talkative. It increases the mental alertness levels as well. The need for sleep as well as appetite is decreased. The high is intensified as one increase the dosage. If one takes on large doses one is susceptible to experiencing tremors or twitches of the muscles. They can exhibit violent or strange behavior. They can become paranoid. After the effect of the drug withdraws from your system, you might end up feeling tired, depressed as well as irritable. That is a called a coke crash. If the drug is taken in higher does also known as binging, it can result in symptoms like restlessness, irritability, paranoid and an increased loss of touch with reality.

How Long Does Cocaine Stay In Your System?

Cocaine is a drug that helps one to attain a high very easily within a short span of time. By the time it reaches the bloodstream it will take one to high levels of its effects. If you inject or smoke cocaine the peak blood levels are achieved. Effects of the drug on the body come on within a time span of a few minutes. The cocaine after being snorted, reaches the peak effect within a time span of fifteen minutes. At such a time, the increased risk is felt on the system such as on the heart as well as blood vessels as well as other organs. If you wish to know how long does cocaine stay in your system, blood tests will detect the drug in your system even after 12 hours after one has taken a dose. If urine tests are conducted the metabolic by products of the drug can be found.

Drug test

Infrequent use

If you are an infrequent user, the urine test will show up positive even after two or three days after you have taken the drug.

Frequent use

If you are taking the drug on a regular basis, the urine test will prove positive even after two weeks since the time you used it last.

A hair sample test will prove traces of the dug in your system after several months have lapsed even. These facts help one to determine how long does cocaine stay in the system.