Lump on inner thigh

Nowadays the thought of lumps makes everyone sit up and break out in a sweat. Everyone is advised to look out for lumps in any part of their body and to report it to their doctor immediately. Sometimes people find a lump on inner thigh, it can be of different kinds. If there is a hard lump that you find near the groin or on the inner thigh many suddenly realize its presence. They find it hard, the size of a marble and it might be painful and tender when pressed. It might not be visible but only felt when it is touched. Many think that they are simply feeling a swelling that has occurred due to bursting but sometimes you cannot be sure. Instead of knowing what it is and thinking up the worst, it is best to get oneself examined. Meanwhile, there are many medical forums where one can seek answers while they wait their turn at a doctor’s clinic.

Overview of lump on inner thigh

lump-on-inner-highA lump on inner thigh is usually an inguinal lymph node. When there is an infection or an inflammation that appears like a growth in the groin area or anywhere on our lower limbs, it is tenderer and becomes noticeable as it hurts to sit or to walk, lie down or wear tight clothing. It could also be a sign of cancer but not always. It is best to consult a general physician in such cases. They will order blood test as well as an ultrasound. It might even disappear by its own. The only advice would be to keep the area clean and dry and to stop prodding it as that will make it more tender and painful. Many women experience lump in inner thigh like in the bikini area due to shaving. It could result in an ingrown hair or an infected hair follicle. The bump is usually painful and grows till it bursts on its own.


Some people see the growths reappearing and hence, the need to visit the doctor. Such lumps can be a result of different parasitical infections. Once the right infection source is determined, people are prescribed medication accordingly. Sometimes people make the mistake of trying to squeeze the lump on inner thigh. That leads to infected puss and the cumulative growth coming out if the infection has healed from inside. However, it is still not advisable that one fiddles around with any growth or lump as the dirt of our hands only makes it worse. While the treatment of lump on inner thigh can be different as per the kind of growth that the doctor thinks it is, the common treatments are:

  • Some people are prescribed vitamin pills in order to counter such infections and to fortify the immune system.
  • If the growth is found due to bacterial infection, usually antibiotics are prescribed
  • There are many home remedies to address such lumps that are safe and effective. The growth can be treated with cornstarch that helps to dry out the wound or the growth and remove the infection.
  • Diluted tea tree oil can also be used
  • If the boil bursts one need to place antiseptic pads on it to prevent the open wound being more infected