Peer Diagnosis offers answers to medical questions that people often ask. While sometimes it may not be obvious or the actual answer might lead to more questions, a resource such as this is valuable to assess whether you’re having a common issue (like a cold that goes away on it’s own) or if you need to visit a medical professional to find out more.

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    What is Peer Diagnosis?

    Even though our writers are all trained in medicine in one degree or another, we recommend that Peer Diagnosis should be a starting point for your questions. It’s important to not self-diagnose as reading instead of tackling the issue can lead to some exaggerated diagnoses, especially when the case isn’t so. With that said there are a multitude of questions that people ask on a daily basis that could be answered with a short article or two instead of visiting your GP or doctor for each one of these queries.

    The name “peer diagnosis” is indicative of that: we offer what a “general consensus”, read-the-symptoms-checklist diagnosis. Because of this, the information available on the site is geared more toward common queries and answers rather than a real medical examination by an actual doctor. For this reason if you believe that your health is in danger, contact your nearest doctor/hospital/first-aid service. We cannot stress this enough. Even though “common sense” is called “common”, it isn’t that wide-spread. For your safety, please take the information displayed on this site as a starting point, not a definite solution to your medical problem.

    Self-diagnosis is the process of diagnosis in oneself either through books, medical dictionaries, websites or other resources. Because of the nature of human beings to not be 100% objective when it comes to their own health and judgments about health, self-diagnosis is strongly discouraged by physicians, governments and health care organizations. Even doctors and medical experts are discouraged from diagnosing themselves.